Long term value for what truly matters to you

P2 offers a fresh approach to electricity. Whether you want to cut your bills, help the environment or use more local energy, we make it easy for you to see an ongoing impact.



Take control of your power bill

We all want to keep our bills down. P2 helps you use power when cheaper (and cleaner) energy sources are available and passes savings back to you. You’ll have price consistency without unexpected peak prices. No risk, only rewards.



Reducing our carbon footprint is essential. P2 helps you access genuinely renewable energy. With our app you’ll know when more renewable sources are available in the ‘mix’ and earn rewards for using them.



Community matters. P2 gives you access to solar energy produced in your neighbourhood. If you have panels, we value your contribution by offering favourable buy-back rates for your excess solar.

Get started with P2 and make a
real difference. 

Whether you want to help save the environment, use local power or simply save money, 
P2 makes it easy for you to see an ongoing real impact.

No hassle switch
Easily join in less than 3 minutes with a simple form and we'll take care of the rest. We don't believe in fixed contracts or breakup fees.

Help the environment
Alongside receiving cleaner power through PowerPal, you'll have priority access to solar power produced in your local community.

Price consistency and savings
You’ll have the security of a fixed rate and earn rewards when you're responsible with energy. No risk, only rewards.